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Comprehensive Dashboard

A Special Purpose Vehicle goes through many stages in its entire lifecycle, starting from SPV creation, followed by inviting investors on board, distributing financials, and much more. And to keep a tap on the SPV throughout the cycle, our SPV Development Services build easily accessible dashboards for the investors.

A Comprehensive Dashboard serving as a one-stop solution for all SPV-related inquiries can save a lot of time. Along with this, it aids in maintaining transparency regarding the status of existing Special Purpose Vehicles and also keeping a tab on the total investment in SPVs by the investors.

The later one is specially designed for the investors getting on board. Structuring and administering investment in multiple deals can become overwhelming. To streamline the process and stay informed with adequate communication, a comprehensive view of total investments in different SPVs is necessary.

A Dashboard acts as a single point of information and supports Investors and deal-makers to keep track of every single investment in different Special Purpose Vehicles. A systematic display of information is not limited to improving focus and saving time. It also facilitates the partners on board to detect issues and get them resolved in the initial stage.

How does Comprehensive Dashboard at SPV Hub works?

Our Comprehensive Dashboard that comes under our SPV Development Services works two ways – Primarily, it keeps the Organizer or Manager of Syndicate informed about the current status of SPV including information such as investors’ onboarding progress, their commitments, and most importantly – received funds.

The Real-time data snapshots aid in making crucial decisions regarding Start-up fund management. The Dashboard plays its role even in the Post-Close Activities. The Organizer can gain access to vital information regarding membership transfer, K1 Forms, and much more with the help of a well-organized Dashboard.

Special Purpose Vehicles Development
Complete Cycle of Capital-Raising Special Purpose Vehicles

Secondly, the Dashboard simplifies the investment process for participating Investors. Our founders being the investors themselves are aware of the challenges an investor face.

One of them – is holding track of all the investments at one time. To deal with this problem, we have added a Comprehensive Dashboard as an inclusive part of our SPV Development Services for the investors getting on board as well.

SPV Hub provides a Login ID to all the participating investors in the Special Purpose Vehicles created on our platform. Participating Investors get the benefit of discovering new deals showcased on the Dashboard and making acquisitions also. This special feature entitles Investors to keep track of their SPV Investments and become a part of the cohort.

Our user-friendly Dashboard, which is a result of our advanced SVP Development Services, empowers investors to maintain a daily data monitoring habit and keep a tab on the status of their investments in different Special Purpose Vehicles. The Dashboard assembles the complete information in one place, which includes – Total Investment, Number of Companies, Added Date, Status of Investment, etc.

  • Communicate and performance monitoring
  • Portfolio outlook of all SPV investments on one screen
  • Better decision making with complete information
  • Track commitments of Investors

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