Deal Syndication made Simple, Secure and Dependable with technology

Our platform makes it incredibly easy to manage the structuring and administration of SPVs. We take care of all legal and compliance hurdles, so you can focus on what matters most.


Benefits of syndicating deal with SPV Hub

Deal Syndication App

Exclusive to SPV Hub

Our dedicated app allows investors to easily invest in the deal in four simple steps using the SPV Hub App


Streamlined and efficient

Sign documents digitally, saving time and hassle and ensuring a smooth and secure investment process.

Four-Step Investment Process

Simplified and structured

Investors can make their contribution in four simple steps - Show Interest, Commit Investment, Sign Documents and wire funds.

Secure Data

Protecting your information

We prioritize the security of your data, providing a secure and compliant data room for storing and sharing confidential documents.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay informed at all times

Track the progress of your investments in real-time with up-to-date information on investor commitments, payments, and more.

Delaware Series LLC

Flexible and scalable structure

Take advantage of the benefits of a Delaware Series LLC, allowing you to add multiple series or subsidiaries with their own limited liability protection and bank accounts.

Instant & Affordable

Get started quickly and cost-effectively

Our platform enables you to set up SPVs instantly and at an affordable cost, eliminating the need for lengthy and expensive legal processes.

Complete Lifecycle of an SPV

From formation to closure

SPV Hub covers the entire lifecycle of an SPV, from its initial formation to the management of investor commitments, fund administration, and eventual closure.

Dedicated SPV Manager

Personalized support and guidance

Benefit from the assistance of a dedicated SPV manager who will provide expert guidance and support throughout your SPV journey.

Simple, Secure and Dependable Deal Syndication platform


Startup Steroid and SPV Hub are integrated and one can jump between the two platforms with just click of a button. Screen the opportunities, rate Startups, conduct due diligence and create SPV to set up a co-investment deal.

  • Find new investment opportunities easily.
  • Provide SPV and company details effortlessly.
  • Upload deal documents securely.
  • Complete the process seamlessly with E-Signature.

Easily onboard investors and share investment opportunities with our seamless investor onboarding process. Digital validation and secure data management, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. Stay updated with real-time process status and assist investors with a portfolio dashboard for better insights and support.

  • Bulk invite investors easily using a .csv file
  • Conveniently copy investors from your existing SPVs
  • Share expenses and minimum commitment details with invitations
  • Effortlessly track the progress of your invitations
  • Enable co-investors to subscribe digitally
  • Smartphone deal syndication for investors onboard
  • A simple four-step investment process
  • Complete timeline of Invite status of individual investor

Say goodbye to the hassle of collecting signatures and funds manually. With SPV Hub, we've got you covered with our user-friendly platform that automates the e-signature process and offers multiple convenient options to investors onboard for transferring funds and completing the co-investing process. It's all about making your life easier and ensuring a seamless transaction experience.

  • E-Signature
  • DigiLocker
  • Multiple Amount Transfer mode – ACH, Wire and authorizing SPV Hub
  • Stay on track with investment commitments
  • Seamlessly manage payment modes
  • Effortlessly track the e-sign status
  • Send reminder emails with customizable templates
  • Share essential K1 documents
  • Send bulk emails with ease
  • Download .xls files for convenient data management

Experience seamless SPV management from creation to dissolution


Invite investors 4-step investment process Quick investor profile creation E-Signatures Deal Documents Deal Tracker Multiple investor profiles

Law & Compliance

Chose legal structure Coordinate with the registered agent Operating Agreement Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) Subscription Agreement Acquire Employer Identification Number (EIN)


Setting up a Bank Account for SPV Entity Capital Account Statements Financial Statements Updating about Pro-Rata Rights Capitalization Table


Inviting and getting investors on board Wiring Funds Drafting individual capital account statements Forming Compliant Entity with Capitalization Table

Post Closure

Distribution of Wealth K1 Forms Fund Accounting