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Guide to SPV transition from Assure

SPV Transition—How To Say Goodbye and Hello Again

Acquire 3Ds

Data, Documents and Details

To get hold of your SPV and transition it from Assure, you must retrieve all the data. As specified in Assure Transition video – slide #33, your data, paperwork, and documents can be at two or three different places. Once all the needed documents are in one place, our SPV administrators will start the work.

Past Details

Have all information on one dashboard

Keeping track of all the investments is crucial. Manage complete information of your past deals at the SPV Hub Profile section. Investors onboard also get an ‘Investor’s Profile-view’ equipped with details of deals that they funded.

Set-up new SPVs

Say hello to your new SPV

You are back on track with all yours SPVs running and administered just like before all the chaos. Our SPV experts will guide you through the administration and management


Our SPV Administration Services

Our SPV Administration Services revolve around

-- Setting up a Bank Account for SPV Entity
-- Inviting and getting investors on board
-- Wiring Funds
-- Drafting individual capital account statements
-- Forming Compliant Entity with Capitalization Table
-- Post Close Corporate Activities

SPV Hub offers creation and administrative services for Special Purpose Vehicles specifically used for Investment in a Startup.

SPV or Special Purpose Vehicles are legal entities (lacking physical existence) created with an intent to isolate financial risk and manage funds. SPVs, also known as Syndicates, have a particular purpose.

Delaware Series LLC is a unique business entity consisting of a Master LLC and more than one Series under the Master LLC. As per Delaware Limited Liability Company Act (DLLCA), formed in 1996, the LLC created under Delaware Divisions of Corporation doesn’t hold any predetermined structure and offers the benefits of limited liability and tax-friendly regimes to participating members.

SPV Hub is a customer-centric Special Purpose Vehicle Platform. What makes us stand out from our competitors is our particular focus on making the entire process of raising and deploying capital in a Startup effortless by appointing a dedicated account manager acting as a single point of communication for any query.

Our central thought behind the development of the SPV Hub platform is to simplify investment for both – Fund Managers and Investors.

What we will need?

Company Details


Law & Compliance

Current SPV Name
Total Investment
Investment Closing Date
No. of Investors
Master LLC Name
Manager Name
Entity Name
EIN Number

Organizer Details

Phone Number


Subscription Agreement
Operating Agreement