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SPV Hub is an online fund management platform simplifying raising and deploying capital in a Startup through Syndicates. As the name suggests, our main activity is creating and administrating SPVs or Special Purpose Vehicles. Moreover, by opting for our back-end Administration, Legal, Accounting, Taxation, and Compliance solutions, you can stay in the good books of the IRS and dedicate your crucial time to deal-making. Our core expertise empowers Fund Managers and Investors to do what they do best – discover the best deals and build meaningful relationships while leaving the complex task of SPV Administration to us.

SPV Hub offers creation and administrative services for Special Purpose Vehicles specifically used for Investment in a Startup. The most preferred SPV is Delaware Master Series LLC, as it comes up with considerable benefits such as – minimal requirements, flexible structure, tax benefits, asset protection and much more. Incorporating an SPV in Delaware doesn’t mean that you need to be physically present in Delaware State, or Investment can take place in Delaware only. By forming a Master Series LLC under Delaware Divisions of Corporations, the participating parties can enjoy the benefits that DLLCA (Delaware Limited Liability Company Act) offers.

SPV or Special Purpose Vehicles are legal entities (lacking physical existence) created with an intent to isolate financial risk and manage funds. SPVs, also known as Syndicates, have a particular purpose. In the case of Startup Investment, the special purpose is to accumulate funds from different investors and deploy the same in the chosen Startup. Based on the share of Investment, the SPV gets the equity allotment. Further, according to Cap Tables, the equity share is allocated to participating investors.

Delaware Series LLC is a unique business entity consisting of a Master LLC and more than one Series under the Master LLC. As per Delaware Limited Liability Company Act (DLLCA), formed in 1996, the LLC created under Delaware Divisions of Corporation doesn’t hold any predetermined structure and offers the benefits of limited liability and tax-friendly regimes to participating members. Think of Delaware Series LLC (also renowned as Master LLC) as an umbrella. Under this umbrella, an organizer can add as many divisions (known as Series). Further, every Series hold its own identity and can enter into contracts. Currently, there is no limit on the number of Series that can be added under Master LLC. However, as every Series has its own identity, the operations, managers, bank accounts, members, and even tax elections can vary.

SPV Hub is a customer-centric Special Purpose Vehicle Platform. What makes us stand out from our competitors is our particular focus on making the entire process of raising and deploying capital in a Startup effortless by appointing a dedicated account manager acting as a single point of communication for any query. Under our Simple, Secure, and Dependable Structure, we have leveraged AI technology and created a comprehensive dashboard to maintain contact and transparency. But we also believe that technology can’t replace the human touch. Therefore, we proudly proclaim that we provide the best client service by appointing a personal SPV expert to every account for the complete lifecycle of an SPV.

Our central thought behind the development of the SPV Hub platform is to simplify investment for both – Fund Managers and Investors. Seeking the simplicity and transparency of operations, our clients prefer our platform over other SPV Platforms.

At SPV Hub, you can expect –

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • AI-Integrated Solutions
  • Economical Rates
  • Faster Speed
  • Easy to understand Dashboards
  • Real-Time Communication status
  • Support Service is as good as it comes

Fund Managers of an SPV get access to internal dashboards which will authorize them to keep a tab on Investment status. A Fund Manager can track – the committed amount, check which investor has signed the deal, and wired the funds.

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