Club your Angels

Startup founders can use SPVs to bring angels together and receive smaller investments from multiple investors. SPV Hub helps create a cleaner cap table and empowers founders to access diversified funding sources.

Benefits of Deal Syndication for Startup Founders

Access to a broader investor network

SPV deal syndication allows startup founders to tap into a larger pool of potential investors, increasing the chances of securing funding for their ventures

Simplified fundraising process

By utilizing SPV deal syndication, startup founders can streamline their fundraising efforts, making it easier to manage and coordinate investment commitments from multiple investors.

Cleaner capitalization table

SPV deal syndication helps maintain a cleaner and more organized capitalization table by consolidating smaller checks from multiple investors into one single investment entity, reducing complexity and improving transparency for future financing rounds

Experience seamless SPV management from creation to dissolution


Invite investors 4-step investment process Quick investor profile creation E-Signatures Deal Documents Deal Tracker Multiple investor profiles

Law & Compliance

Chose legal structure Coordinate with the registered agent Operating Agreement Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) Subscription Agreement Acquire Employer Identification Number (EIN)


Setting up a Bank Account for SPV Entity Capital Account Statements Financial Statements Updating about Pro-Rata Rights Capitalization Table


Inviting and getting investors on board Wiring Funds Drafting individual capital account statements Forming Compliant Entity with Capitalization Table

Post Closure

Distribution of Wealth K1 Forms Fund Accounting

SPV Creation

Forming an SPV requires immense legal expertise, and we at SPV Hub have experienced professionals for the purpose. As a first step towards creating an SPV, we help our clients decide what type of legal structure would be best for them.

Our SPV Creation Services revolve around –

  • ✔ Setting up an entity under the chosen legal structure
  • ✔ Coordinating with the registered agent
  • ✔ Managing and Supervising documentation
  • ✔ Acquiring Employer Identification Number (EIN) from IRS
  • ✔ Account Opening Process

SPV Administration

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is the most flexible investment-raising vehicle. The efficiency and administration of the vehicle depend on its structure.

Our SPV Administration Services revolve around –

  • ✔ Setting up a Bank Account for SPV Entity
  • ✔ Inviting and getting investors on board
  • ✔ Wiring Funds
  • ✔ Drafting individual capital account statements
  • ✔ Forming Compliant Entity with Capitalization Table
  • ✔ Post Close Corporate Activities

Comprehensive SPV Dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard provides a clear view of all your SPV investments in one place.

  • ✔ Make informed decisions with access to complete information about your portfolio.
  • ✔ Easily track the commitments of your investors.
  • ✔ Apply filters based on status and security type for better organization and analysis.
  • ✔ Add updates and upload documents for investors

Document Management

SPV Development and administration process include loads of tedious documentation and compliance work. Being flexible in working, an SPV further entitles an entity to get customized investment contracts.

Our seamless process includes e-signature eliminating the need for paper signatures, further adding more convenience to the process.

  • ✔ Protected document vault
  • ✔ Customized investment contracts
  • ✔ Quick and Secure Electronic Signature
  • ✔ Document classification for easy accessibility
  • ✔ Add updates and upload documents for investors

Distribute Reporting Documents

Investors demand timely updates and reports to keep up with business operations and know the revenues and earnings year-over-year.

Further, in case of a taxable event, the tax returns are filed, and K1 forms are delivered to every investor.

  • ✔ Disperse Quarterly, Harf-Yearly, or Annually reports
  • ✔ Share the earned funds with the investors
  • ✔ Prepare and Transmit K1 Forms
  • ✔ Maintain a communication thread with all investors