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A Special Purpose Vehicle or a syndicate is created with a specific purpose and comes with the key benefit of isolating financial risk. It is the most flexible investment-raising vehicle, and its efficiency and administration depend on its structure.

Once you have finalized the structure and its documentation is over, your SPV is good to go. But, administering it is the key to extracting the full range of benefits.

Talking about SPV administration, it is a critical job that can be performed only by SPV specialists.

Let’s understand it this way. Creating an SPV is like assembling a house. Once your house is ready you move into it. But that’s not the end. The house needs constant maintenance which is Administration in case of SPV to keep it fully functioning. Also, the bigger the structure of your house is, the higher it costs to maintain it. In the case of SPVs, the structure is determined by the legal documents. SPV Administration includes upkeep of the legal entity by following compliance, filing taxation and K1 forms, managing distribution of funds and annual reports, and much more.


At SPV Hub, our professionals will not only fulfil your structuring requirements but maintain the proper functioning of the structure as well. As compared to traditional fund administration, our SPV Specialists provide prompter output at a more affordable cost. Let’s understand how our Structuring and administering investment methods are different from traditional methods.


To set up an SPV traditionally i.e. by getting professionals from various sectors on board can be both – time-consuming and costly. A Special Purpose Vehicle demands 5 core expertise – Legal, Administration, Accounting, Compliance, and Tax. To start with you would get in touch with a Lawyer. Often people misinterpret that in order to get a customized SPV, they are bound to follow the traditional approach which is not true.

While in the traditional approach, each department works apiece, at SPV Hub, our SPV Specialists assign the tasks in the correct order to get them completed on time and every time.

Also, our SPV Specialists are well-versed and hold expertise in SPV Creation. We don’t follow hit and trial methods as we know every edge of the process and provide our clients the most satisfactory Fund administration services.

Our SPV Administration Services revolve around –

  • Setting up a Bank Account for SPV Entity
  • Inviting and getting investors on board
  • Wiring Funds
  • Drafting individual capital account statements
  • Forming Compliant Entity with Capitalization Table
  • Post Close Corporate Activities

We hold the expertise required to run a legal enterprise such as Special Purpose Vehicles. Right from the start to the life cycle of an entity followed by final liquidation, you can rely on experts at SPV Hub for your SPV Administration requirements.

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